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  • Changes Within Partners Patient Gateway
    • Why are you making changes to Partners Patient Gateway?
      • Your primary or specialty care practice has joined an exciting effort across Partners HealthCare to create a single, integrated electronic health record system to share your health information among authorized caregivers at all of our sites.
      • We are building this system now. We will be bringing additional Partners hospitals and affiliated physician practices live on the new system every few months through 2017. Our goals are to improve communication and coordination and provide you with higher-quality care, greater convenience and a better overall experience.
      • You will begin experiencing the benefits of the new, integrated electronic medical record system beginning as each partners-affiliated institution and practice begins using the new system.
      • The enhancements will make it even easier to interact with your doctor’s office. As we roll out this new system across Partners-affiliated hospitals and practices, we are looking ahead with the goal of offering new features to help you:
        • Update your own medications, allergies and health problems.
        • Change your address or other personal information.
        • Use health questionnaires to better inform your care providers.
        • Attach an image to share visible symptoms when appropriate.
        • See charts of your test results over time.
        • Share a daily log of your own care with your practice.
    • Why is some of my health information in two different places within Partners Patient Gateway? Why do I see multiple tabs for some parts of my health record (such as Medications and Mail)?
      • Your doctors are transitioning to a new computer system. During this transition, some doctors will be using one system, while other doctors are on another system.

        For some modules, Partners Patient Gateway will display information from both systems within two distinct sections or “tabs” (e.g. Medications List 1, Medications List 2). If you don’t find what you are looking for in the primary tab, select the alternate tab to see additional information.

        If all of your doctors have transitioned to the new computer system, Partners Patient Gateway will continue to display information using the two tab format so you may reference historical data from the prior system.

  • Updating my Partners Patient Gateway Account
    • I tried logging in to Partners Patient Gateway and have been prompted to create account questions and change my username. Why is this changing?
      • Partners Patient Gateway has implemented an Account Management system from RSA Security, LLC to maintain the security and confidentiality of your account.

        As a user of Partners Patient Gateway, you will have the following features:

        • Seamless account management and password recovery across devices, including mobile devices. For example, we can send you a text message to help you access your account if you forget your password.
        • Additional security questions to help you manage your account. If you forget your password, you will be prompted to answer multiple questions to recover your password. Also, if you log in from an unfamiliar computer, you may be prompted to answer security questions before you log in to the application. For instance, if you are traveling internationally and attempt to log in from a computer in another country, you may be prompted to answer your security challenge questions.
        Once you have updated your account, your email address will be your new Username for Partners Patient Gateway

  • Enrolling in Partners Patient Gateway
    • How do I enroll in Partners Patient Gateway?
      • If you are a new user to Partners Patient Gateway (18 years and older), go to and click Enroll now to begin the enrollment process. If you want to enroll a child or teenager in Partners Patient Gateway, please contact your practice.
    • I just completed the steps for enrolling in Partners Patient Gateway. Now what?
        • I enrolled online
          If you enrolled online and successfully completed the 'Get Access Now' process, then log in with the username and password you created during enrollment. You are all set!
        • I enrolled online, but did not complete the 'Get Access Now' process
          If you enrolled online but did not complete the 'Get Access Now' process, your enrollment request was submitted to the enrollment staff for processing. They may contact you to confirm your identity. You will then receive a one-time-use Activation Code by US Postal mail. You will need the username and password you created when you enrolled, plus the Activation Code, the first time you log in.
        • I enrolled at my doctor's office
          If you enrolled at your provider's office, you received an Activation Code. Use the activation code the office staff provided you. Follow the instructions on the activation code letter.
  • Logging in to Partners Patient Gateway
    • I can't remember my username How can I log in?
      • Your Username is either your email address (if you have updated your account since November 7, 2014) or is an alphanumeric identifier if you have not updated your Username to be your email address. Click the 'Need Log In help?' link on the Partners Patient Gateway login screen for more information.
      • If you have not updated your account since November 7, 2014 and do not remember your Username, please contact Partners Patient Gateway Support.
    • I can't remember my password. How can I log in?
      • At the Partners Patient Gateway login screen, enter your Username and click 'Secure Log in'. Click 'Forgot Password?'. Follow the prompts. You will need to provide your email address, validate your email address, answer personal security questions, and create your new password.
    • Can I receive a hint if I have forgotten my password?
      • Due to security regulations, staff are unable to share a Password or Activation Code over the phone or in an e-mail.
        1. Use the 'Forgot Password?' link. You can answer a few questions online to recover your Password.
        2. If you cannot recover your password using the Forgot Password? link, please contact Partners Patient Gateway Support.
    • What is my Activation Code? How does it differ from my Password?
      • Your Activation Code is used only once. This code was either provided at your practice if you enrolled there or you received it by mail from Partners Patient Gateway support.
  • Understanding System Requirements
If your question is not answered, click here to contact Partners Patient Gateway Technical Support